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From the book by Clifford Beebe.  I believe the research was by Diane Wilson of "The Gables" in Broughton.

These entries have been extracted from Broughton Parish Records.  I only have a transcript of baptisms from 1558 to 1684, marriages from 1570 to 1745, and burials from 1559 to 1747.  The oldest records are quite badly damaged on some pages and only fragments remain, some years are missing altogether.

Spelling tended to be very free in past times and the name Beeby has several variations (see Name Beebe). I have listed the entries exactly as they appear.  These are the only Beeby entries from these records and as there are no entries after 1640 and no burials at all, it seems likely that the family left the village.

1628 Beebis...  the sonn of John Beebis and Rebeccha... wife baptised November 4th
1628 John Beeboe Churchwarden
1630 Rebecka Beebee the daughter of John Beebee and of Rebecka his wife was baptized August 11
1630 John Harris of ye parish of St Gyles in Northampton of the one party & Anne Beebee of the other party were marryed 28 Octob...
1633 Thomas & Samuel twins the sonnes of John Beebie and Reb... his wyfe were baptized the three... twentieth day of June
1634 Martha the daughter of Gabriel Baybye and Anne his wyfe was baptized the foureteenth day of September
1636 Nathaneel the sonne of John Beeby and Rebekkah his wyfe was baptized the three and twenty day of January
1638 Mary the daughter of John Beeby and Rebekah his wyfe was baptized the eighteenth day of March
1640 Hannah the daughter of John Beeby and Rebekah his wyfe was baptized the three and twentye day of June


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