Saint Andrew's Church - Broughton

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Clifford Beebe wrote in 1990:

"On approaching the village, the predominant feature is the spire of Saint Andrew's Church (John Beebe's Church), in which we attended a Sunday service.  I have attempted to convey the general format and age of the various sections of the church in a diagram which follows.  While the church building itself is old, the impression one obtains from visiting it is of a church in remarkably good condition.
The interior has recently been painted, the entire floor has been carpeted and the stained glass window at the end of the chancel is in beautiful condition.

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You will note at the other end of the structure the location of the ancient parish record box to which Clarence Beebe refers in his visit as being "rusty and the records molding away."  The record box itself has three locks as it was practice in the past to store the valuable church sacramental vessels in the box and it required the keys of the two church wardens plus the church rector to open for access.  The records have now been moved to Delapre Abbey where they are adequately stored in the Northamptonshire records office.  The Sunday service was attended by approximately 100 parishioners of all ages and the Rev Clyde Hilton preached a lively sermon.  Mention was made during the service of our reason for being there and several people of the congregation were most cordial to us."


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