The Village of Beeby in Leicestershire

The village of Beeby is very small indeed and today comprises, at its centre, a few houses, the Rectory and The Church of All Saints'. (Please follow the links).

You may view a map dated 1888 of the village by clicking here.

Roger Beeby of Leicester has kindly contributed two very interesting articles about the village of Beeby - "Researches about the Name and Village of Beeby" and "Researches about Beeby’s in Medieval Times in Leicester"

These notes were written by Geoff Brandwood in a guide to the church.
"Only a couple of miles beyond the north-eastern outskirts of Leicester is the tiny, peaceful village of Beeby.  It lies in one of a series of parallel valleys where so many of the place names are of Scandinavian origin,  hence the -by (= village or farmstead).  The "Bee" element may quite literally indicate the keeping of bees here.  The unspoilt village has a manor house, which includes work of the mid-18th century, about 300 yards south-east of the church."

In 'Heritage of Leicestershire' W.G.Hoskins wrote:
"There is a substantial Elizabethan farmhouse, built by a flourishing yeoman, at Beeby, with a central hall-block and two projecting wings, but no timbering is visible."