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How it all started:
My interest in family history began many years ago. I wanted to find out who my grandfathers brothers and sisters were and to locate as many of their descendants as possible. There were twelve children in the family, all born between 1883 and 1907 but surprisingly little was known.  I have since been able to determine what happened to all but two of them (very frustrating).  Perhaps one day I will find out what happened to them as well.

Working backwards and sideways I  gathered a lot of information about Beebe / Beeby etc. and somehow the interest developed into a one name study of the Beebe(y) name. It now includes people from a number of countries around the world.  Apart from the UK, there are many Beebe(y)'s in USA and I am in regular contact with others in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  Historically these were the main areas settled.  New information is always welcome.

A word for our American cousins... Alan Henry and others in USA have already compiled a great deal of information about family members on that side of the Atlantic.  At the moment, this web site tends to focus more on UK and the Commonwealth countries.   I hope to include more material of interest to those of you who descend from the early settlers.  There are some fascinating articles and links here already.  Suggestions (support?) and articles please.

On the database are all individual Beebs from the 1881 census and many from the IGI. Also most of the Cambridgeshire parish records and many from Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire. A lot of names have been entered from other areas and sources, something over 4000.  This is a continually expanding resource and the information is freely available to anyone who asks.  The intention is to produce a central reference point for U.K. Beebe(y) family members.  The more that can be published to the internet the better as it is infinitely accessible and updateable.

Information contained in these genealogy pages has come from a wide range of sources. Much of it is my own work which I like to think of as "original research" although, as is often the case, others may well have trodden the same path. We are all grateful to those of you who have generously and quite freely made your precious and time consuming research available for inclusion in these pages. That spirit of freely helping fellow family members interested in their historical roots is to be encouraged.

General Web Site Contents

button Index to places of particular interest with photos, census info etc.
button A history of the name Beebe. button Transcripts of significant, or interesting, Beebe wills, land transfers etc.
button Table showing UK distribution of Beebs - data taken from the1881 census. button "Soldiers Who Died in the Great War". Beebs known to have been killed while serving in the army during World War One.
button Other Beebs. Around 3000 individuals. A miscellaneous list. Your ancestors/relatives may well appear here. A basic alphabetical index of some of the Beebs and related families that are shown on my database. Contact me for more information as that displayed here has to be brief and is always out of date. Please e-mail me if you or your family are not shown here, particularly if in UK or descended from an English line. Alan Henry tends to look after the USA side. Please, if you have an English connection, send me you family information so that I can tie these loose ends together. Between us we can make a lot of progress.
button Contact Page and listing of other people interested in the Beeb family name, requests for info etc. Please e-mail me if you would like to be added to this list of contacts. button List of documents available from Salt Lake City with references to Beebe. Some of them look quite interesting and not too difficult to obtain / view. (This is rather out of date now - Les 2000)
button Beebe in Australia. Early settlement in Northcliffe. Extracts from "Group Settlement" by J.P. Gabbedy. button Births, Marriages and Deaths. The General Register (England & Wales) Beebe, Beebee, Beeby.  Invaluable. More new entries May 2002
button Maps showing the relative distribution of Beebee, Beebe and Beeby, by County, in England in 1881. button Beebe's shown in the Northamptonshire "Hearth Tax" between 1662 and 1674.
button Cambridge University students with names similar to Beebe listed before 1751 (simple transcript as seen). button The Beeby or Beby name in Medieval Times in Leicester. An article contributed by Roger T. Beeby of Leicester, U.K.
 button Links to other Beeb web sites. Please take a look, and see what others are up to. button Huntingdon Marriage Index.  Compiled by Lyn Todd in Australia.
button Links to useful genealogy sites button Abbreviations etc. Names, Census, Occupations, Misc.
button Census returns in the U.K. - general information button John Beebe of Broughton, Northamptonshire who emigrated to USA.
button Lost Contacts / Changed Address.  Where are they? Can you help? button My own family tree.  This will take you to a surname index from where you can browse the tree in detail.  All my known relatives are listed.
button Miscellaneous Beebe / Beeby Records.  Worth browsing. button Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Please note: Nothing is set in concrete, if any information in these pages appears to contain errors please tell me. Source information is fundamental to the validity of data. Without sources, information cannot easily be cross checked. Having said that, however, I am aiming both for quantity and quality. It is better to have unproven information than no information.

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